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Well.... I was burned this morning, and if you invested in yesterdays hype on $UGAZ, you might have been as well.

$UGAZ meme

Yesterday $UGAZ spiked from its previous close of 158.00 to 253. Great day right? Wrong. This morning UGAZ opened at 175 and has continued a downward trend to its current trading price of 126!

Slight dead cat bounce

Just after lunch time now and the poor thing has been trending non stop so i'm very interested to see how this one plays out at 4.

My personal loss was minimized by the fact that before i purchased this one i knew there would be some hype and should have bailed before the close to make this a simple day trade, however with life and work i had forgotten to set a stop loss or sell my share and decided to wait for the morning to either sell or add shares, luckily that was a good call not to buy more than that but the -88 dollars to my account hurt!

In the end this will be a chart to study for some time to come and who knows this may be a new positive entry into the stock, but for many today we will lick our wounds and soldier on.


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