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Two stocks you can buy right now on a budget $KMI and $GE

Kinder Morgan (KMI): A solid company hit hard and on its way back up.

Kinder morgan chart analysis
Kinder Morgan 11/1/2018

Kinder Morgan ticker symbol $KMI is a company that has for some reason been performing under par for the past year, in 2016 it was hit hard and has recovered. Most analysts believe it is a discount buy as well as I, this company pumped out strong dividends for years and is a major player in its field, but just look at that chart! If you're into technical analysis take a look at this one.

General Electric (GE): The corporate giant that's under $10?

$GE: The one to watch

General Electric ticker symbol $GE has been in and out of the media/financial news for a while now a company that has been around forever and has had plenty of ups and downs over the years. Now with a new strong CEO at the helm many analysts have been watching this company like a hawk with one changing the hold rating to a buy. IMO i think the potential for profit here is excellent however i don't thing we have seen the bottom just yet but is a fantastic one to either purchase now and average down or wait and see.

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