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Today the stock market paid me $O

Realty Income: The Monthly Dividend Company.

A bold yet true statement, Realty Income has been true to the name and has been providing monthly dividends to its investors every month religiously.

Why this matters: If you're looking into understanding how dividends work this is the company you can give your shares to your grandchildren.

How to act on it: In my opinion buy and hold, from a price point if you look at the overall chart its been a steady incline from its IPO however as I'm writing this the stock is at $60.20 and may drop to the 59 range. Either way a year from now i'll review this post and along with the 12 dividends I will have received, we can expect nothing but growth.

Just take a look at this chart:

With predictable growth like this you can bet that I'm a happy camper for owning this one! Other companies may present higher yields and better gains but the consistency for Realty Income is something to marvel at. Take $GE for example, yesterday the dividend was cut to 0.01 per share, now given the corporate restructuring of GE i understand and do believe that it was the right move however, there goes a significant portion of dividend income for large holders of $GE.

Whats your favorite dividend stock and why??

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