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$TLRY Here we go again

One of the most if not the most popular marijuana stock is on the rise again, and i have a chart to show for it. #marijuanastocks #marijuana #tilray

I get an alert on my phone about Tilray while im writing another post about $AMZN and the #stockmarket is going crazy.

So check out this chart!

$TLRY is spiking again!

Here we go again, Michigan has joined other states in the recreational legalization of marijuana and the marijuana stocks are poised for a jump after the election we've now seen a spike in the market as well as the marijuana segment, I suppose we will have two types of green coming our way in 2019.

Will 2019 be the marijuana stock year? I would not bet against it. Personally I don't consume the stuff but the tax revenue on the sales will be beneficial to all.

Time to create you're watch list because Here. We. Go.

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