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The airlines have taken off!

6/4/2020 The airlines have jumped awake today on the bell with volume and good press helping the industry as a whole become reinvigorated amidst the COVID-19 travel restrictions.


Companies benefiting in my personal portfolio include Boeing ($BA), American Airlines ($AAL) and United Airlines ($UAL)

Most of the aviation sector looks good today even with the rest of the market in the red, at the moment the prices seem to have peaked and it will be interesting to see if they carry through lunch.

AAL is currently trending on Stocktwits and it's easy to see why, with the potential for bankruptcy as well as an onslaught of bad press investors are seeing this as a way to buy the low and profit from these companies while the time is right.

UAL and BA are seeing similar trends, and LMT as well as LUV seem to be on the lower end of the gains however i expect to see a jump in these as well.

I'll add more to this post as the day goes on and have a conclusion with some charting around 6:00 EST

What stock are you watching today??

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