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How to protect your assets in the stock market

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Withdrawing your equity in a market correction? Buying penny stocks? Losing money? Not a chance.

Listen, I understand having money locked in a brokerage account and seeing red everyday is a scary thing, i get it. I'm included in a bunch of investors who purchased shares of marijuana stocks during the canadian legalization craze. #marijuanastocks

“Stop loss can be your friend, or your enemy.”

So lets talk about this segment, the marijuana segment. Companies were booming over the past few months and many people profited greatly from it, however if emotional investments are your thing, i have a hard time believing that your profile is in the green. $TLRY is a great example of a stock who has seen long term gains comparatively to others and many would agree, but i want to talk about the elephant in the room, $IGC. IGC ( India Globilization Company) has just been De-listed and subsequently was my biggest play during the marijuana boom, a company that had no foundation for even being in the room for conversation was up 3,000%!!! This is what FOMO looks like and emotional buying, the only profits made were quick in and out buys (or the short sellers) which brings me to my next point. DON'T GET GREEDY. Take your money and re-invest some of it, a stop loss was many peoples friend during these trading days however, if you don't know how to set them up properly they could have limited your gains exponentially. Stop loss can be your friend, or your enemy, save your behind if your losing or prevent you from further gains. I intend on making a video summarizing the proper usage of stop loss and loss mitigation on these stocks. I hope you all can gain some knowledge from this post and that soon to come video!

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