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Ever heard of HRZN??

I've not... so lets's do some research

Monthly Dividends

$HRZN pays out monthly dividends currently at .10 per share, and have been consistently paying those dividends out for years. With its current share price that means it has a dividend yield of 10.01%

Not i know that looks high but this again may just be a mini realty income $O. #realtyincome if were really looking at it has the most consistent monthly dividend payout history I've ever reviewed and will hold that stock for life, but diversity is always a good thing so here's an excerpt about HRZN from yahoo's post about it

About Horizon Technology Finance Horizon Technology Finance Corporation is a leading specialty finance company that provides capital in the form of secured loans to venture capital backed companies in the technology, life science, healthcare information and services, and cleantech industries. The investment objective of Horizon is to maximize its investment portfolio's return by generating current income from the debt investments it makes and capital appreciation from the warrants it receives when making such debt investments. Headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, Horizon has regional offices in Pleasanton, California, Reston, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts. Horizon's common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol "HRZN". To learn more, please visit www.horizontechfinance.com.

If we look at the chart right now today it may be going down in price slightly but should present a buying opportunity after lunch.

HRZN analysis

IMO right now this is a stock to keep on your watchlist and look for an opening to leverage a better entry point for a good stock to add to any monthly dividend based portfolio. Ithink the low 11's will be a good place to start. Most technical analysis for the day suggest a buy.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or follow me on stocktwits.com/Investyourheartout to get an update how i've down and my moves on this stock!


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