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Cruise Line investing

It's not a secret that currently we're all feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, if you had investments prior to march in the cruise industry, you are REALLY feeling it.

The cruise lines as well as many other industries have become impacted more so than others and we as investors need to take notice and act.

With this post i want to briefly evaluate a couple of positions I've taken and why, Norwegian Cruise Lines ( $NCLH ) and Carnival Cruise Lines ( $CCL ). Lets do some analysis.


PPS = 12.52

As you can see Norwegian has been hit very hard and continues to stay down, but doing some simple charting shows that over the last week things have started to get better for the company and with the travel restrictions lifting it appears that it coming back to share price in the 50's could be possible by then end of the year. The resulting and inevitable increase from its current levels are too great to miss out on, even if you start a position relatively small IMO this is a great time to get in.


PPS = 12.12

Carnival has a similar story however, its financials are stronger and thus carries a smaller risk for investors. The company will continue on i have no doubt, the ROI is not as great as NCLH but again this yet another buy and hold growth stock that should at least be on the your watchlist.

With market close today (5/27) CCL is up 5% and NCLH is up almost 10% with much more room to grow!

I'll continue to post more of my thoughts moving forward and try to be more responsive in the upcoming months.


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