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American Legalization Day.


Recent news on the republican led bill to legalize #marijuana on a federal level has been a catalyst to recent price surges on the market. One thing Democrats and Republicans have agreed on is that cannabis should be legalized. That is no longer debatable however, how we go about executing the legislature and blending it with current state laws is another conversation entirely. Regardless for the reasons behind them and the politics aside, a new industry is on the rise and set to becoming one of the largest economic powerhouses in the foreseeable future. Retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, industrials, beauty products, almost everything can be touched by cannabis in one form or another and we as investors need to take note.

$TLRY (Tilray) This year has grown 80%

$ACB (Aurora Cannabis) 25% for the year

$CRON (Cronos Group) is down 11% for the year

$CGC (Canopy Growth Corporation) down 35% for the year

$SNDL (Sundial Growers) is up 228% for the year.

As you can see the group is fairly representative of the cannabis sector, whereas certain stocks are doing better than other. The inly question you need to ask yourself is do you believe that cannabis will EVENTUALLY become legalized on the US federal level. If that is a yes, then it is time to pay attention to the opportunities in front of us.


Use this link to get a free share for you and I and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me!

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