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$AMD is it Time to Buy?

AMD has been hammered down hard from its 52 week high of 34.14, but has the slide ended?

$AMD, bitcoin
$AMD Advance Micro Devices Buy or Sell?

$AMD Advanced Micro Devices has been on a sliding down trend during this past market correction and i believe that the correction has well corrected the trading range for this particular stock.

$AMD Mining
AMD uses its technology to help cryptocurrency miners mine

With AMD and Intel $INTC basically having a duopoly in there segment and IMO the fact that so many millenials use AMD for Bitcoin mining i believe that $AMD will come out on top.

Stocktwits has AMD trending at the moment and for good reason, if you analyze the EMA for AMD right now its a buy in my book. Plus with a new year coming around the corner i believe bitcoin will have a rally in the near future and that will benefit everyone.

$AMD has been a great performer and the products they sell are top quality. Only time will tell how well they perform over the next year but in this case i am staying positive.


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