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A.T.A.C.C. on Canabis


The recent presidential election has been incredibly controversial with the effects of covid-19 on the economy, major political disagreement, as well as a host of other issues, one topic Democrats and republics have agreed on is that cannabis should be legalized. Regardles for the reasons behind them and the politics aside, a new industry is on the rise and set to becoming one of the largest economic powerhouses in the forseeable future. Retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, industrials, beauty products, almost everything can be touched by cannabis in one form or another and we as investors need to take note. The acronym mentioned is a list of the top 5 companies in my opinion that will see news headlines and eventually become big names in the industry.

The 5 outlined stocks over the past 3 months have accumulated 165%+ growth in the last 3 months and is rising as I write this post.

$APHA (American Pharmacists Association) Today has grown by 18%

$TLRY (Tilray) Today has grown 25%

$ACB (Aurora Cannabis)Today has grown 9%

$CRON (Cronos Group) Today has grown 5%

$CGC (Canopy Growth Corporation) Today has grown 5%

The group has seen great growth over the past year+ and the popular social media site StockTwits is a buzz with potential growth, sharing charts and predictions.

In my opinion these have a great potential for growth in the years to come and look forward to growing a large position for Americas inevitable Legalization Day.


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