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3 stocks to buy for less than $100

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Right now we are in a strange time for the market. Post 2020 madness and the markets are all over the place. If you don't (understandably) have a large amount of free cash but still want to invest let's discuss some of my favorite stocks under $100.00

1. Realty Income. ($O)

What can I say about this stock that hasn't been said? Dividend aristocrat, incredibly stable dividend returns, growth as well as it being a monthly dividend stock. Every month on the 15th as long as you've held the stock it will pay you cash back. Currently trading at 72.50 at the time of writing this. IMO this is one of the best stocks to purchase because it will teach you about how dividends are distributed and gives you stability enough to grow a portfolio around expected returns. Holding this stock for near a decade has yielded incredible results.

2. Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF ($SPHD)

SPHD in its simplest form is an ETF that has picked 50 of the least volatile highest dividend paying stocks from the S&P 500 and mashed them into one stock. Overtime the growth and payout has been consistent and for under $100 this is my pick for an ETF because not only do you have a predictable stock that tends to run along side of the S&P 500. Currently trading at 43.53

3. Bank of America ($BAC)

Bank of America has (like most banks) seen a great resurgence in the past year due to various economic factors however, the reason BAC has made my list is for its pre-pandemic growth. From 2015-2020 BAC doubled in value and then after the pandemic it has doubled its value again, showing that the company can go through multiple different societal and infrastructure mayhem and continue to grown and develop its products for an ever changing world. $BAC is currently trading at 46.90


Use this link to get a free share for you and I and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me!

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